“How did you learn to play the handpan?” “Where did you got handpanlessons?” “Do you give handpan lessons? Or workshops?” “Can I try your handpan please?” “What’s the best way to learn the handpan?”

Thát’s what I’m going to explain in this blog! (My first one in English, slidely proud 😉 )

After learning to play the handpan myself (2016) by watching YouTube and just having lots of time exploring the instrument, I wanted to go further. So I looked for some handpanteachers.

Handpan course online

But couldn’t find one in the Netherlands, close enough to my place. The price per lesson, was too much in combination with the travelling costs. (Per lesson it’s around 20,- to 40,- euro’s. Travelling costs were around 15,- euro.)

So, how to learn to play handpan? I found the perfect alternative, which I advice everyone to do. It’s really the best way to learn without too many costs, learning on your own tempo in a step by step course. Wether you are a beginner, or advanced player.. GO TO expert David Charrier with his Master The Handpan course!

Master the handpan course

Why should you do this course with handpanplayer David Charrier?

  • Very simple and effective lessons in English or French
  • Lessons whenever and wherever you want
  • A very active community which will increase your progress enormously (optional, for free)
  • It’s a very fair price (I mean, I think it’s actually a bit too low, but ssssshh don’t tell him!)
  • And… ta ta ta ta taaaaaaaa: You can have it even cheaper with my discount code.
  • Last but not least: you can Try it for free!

Couponcode MTH course with David Charrier

So, convinced? Than go for it and start to know how to learn to play handpan today! I would love to see and hear your experiences!

Use this botton and this couponcode:


*disclaimer: You get the discount and learn to master the handpan, I get a small fee which will support my work. Win-win 😉 (I only recommend topics I know and really stand for, or being very enthousiastic about)

Try the handpan first?

Do you want to see, feel and experience the magical handpan, before buying? That is possible on my location: Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. In this session of 30 minutes I will explain the very beginning techniques. We are going to play intuïtive, improvise and jam together. The costs are €35,- for half an hour.

Handpan live

Most people don’t want to play the handpan, but reallly want to listen and enjoy this wonderfull instrument. The effect of the sounds are mostly very relaxing. I use it a lot in my work as a music therapist and also in my online courses. The Handpan & Silence sessions are once a month, and free to all. You can also listen to recorded music of the Handpan & Silence sessions

Handpan spelen - learn handpan

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